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Liquid Fertilizer System

                              Solutions for Your Farm...Make it Montag              


Here you can see the 1200 Gallon unit on a

6 Ton Auto-Steer Cart as it follows in the tracks of a 3 point mounted 12 row 30" side dress toolbar.




1200 Gallon Tank with Cart

Comes with:

  • 6 Ton Auto-Steer Cart
  • 420 / 85 R 34" Radial Tires & Rims
  • 1200 Gallon 15 degree cone bottom tank




* Image courtesy of Rodney Mast, Black Prairie Tractor & Equipment.




To the right and below is a photo of the 1700 Gallon unit on a 9 Ton Auto-Steer Cart tracking behind a 36 row 20" JD planter. 

(15" tire stays in the tracks of a 20" row)




1700 Gallon Tank with Cart

Comes with:

  • 9 Ton Auto-Steer Cart
  • 380 / 90 R 46" Tires & Rims
  • 1700 Gallon 15 degree cone bottom tank





As illustrated in the photo to the left filling the planter can be done with ease.  The Cart provides an ample amount of room for the auger cart to fill the seed box from either side.

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